How I helped Merchant Technology Marketing (MTM) with the exciting new website for MarineGuard, gaining an impressive 87% increase in traffic.

The background

MarineGuard has worked with MTM since late 2011, managing the company's public relations activity, branding and online presence.

Working within the superyacht, commercial and offshore arenas, MarineGuard is recognised as the industry leader for the integration of technology-based security systems.

The insight

Utilizing it's considerable market sector knowledge, MTM undertook extensive market and competitor analysis. The team worked with MarineGuard to identify which areas were most popular with users and the journey they took through the site.

With the knowledge gained from the above process, this enabled MTM to create the content and provide me with a brief required to make this project a success.

The brief

As MarineGuard is the leading industry expert in maritime security integration, the top line brief was to create an online presence which better reflected the position and stature of the business across its markets.

Additionally, the site was required to provide a better and clearer line of communication, enabling MarineGuard to speak directly to its audience in a way it had not been able to achieve previously.

The function

First I defined the unique templates required. Once these were confirmed by MTM, I created interactive high-fidelity wireframes that demonstrated the user interface (UI), content layout and functionality.

This first step of the design process is critical, as it focuses on the primary purpose of a website—the content, and how it's presented to the user.

The design

Usually when working with existing brands, they have extensive guidelines about what can and can't be done. MarineGuard had few constraints which allowed me to have a bit of fun.

The market sector that MarineGuard operate in conjured up many ideas for a design approach. As you can (hopefully) see, the I settled on a visual style of Tron mashed up with a inspiration from the Tom Clancy video games.

Not only does this design set it apart from it's competitors, it's re-enforces the services that the company offers.

The development

Once MarineGuard was happy with the designs, MTM's expert development team turned the designs into code and integrated them with a powerful Content Management System (CMS).

The results

Was the project success? I think the results speak for themselves.

  • 87% increase in traffic
  • 56% longer spent on the site
  • 36% reduction in bounce rate
  • 24% increase in website enquiries

Further information about this project can be found on MTM's website.